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= 共有の構想  (Shared Concept)

+ 共有の意思  (Shared Plan)

+ 共有の行動  (Shared Action)




 "SynCreate" means co-creating new effective solutions as a whole system to interact  between individuals gathered from various different fields to create new solutions that cannot be achieved by an individual (people or field). 

We call this collaboration concept SynCreate, which means allowing diversity, exploring sustainability, and creating the wisdom of symbiosis.



SynCreate(共創)とは、「Syn-(共に)+Create(創造)」を意味する造語です。「共に創る(C0-create)」という意味と、「共生のための創造(Symbiotic Creation)」の意味を持ちます。共生という言葉は、もともと生物学の symbiosisの訳語で、「生物が互いに利益を交換し合って生活すること(相利共生)」を意味します。社会学では「社会の中で異質なものがお互いに助け合い、共に生きる」 という意味で「共生社会」という言い方があります。つまり、共生社会とは、「様々な異質なものの共存の上に、新しい結合関係の樹立を目指す社会」 であり、「共生関係」とは、「お互いの違いを認め合って、生かしあう関係を創出すること」と定義できます。 

SynCreate is a coined word that means "Syn- (together) + Create (creation)".  It has the meaning of "Co-creating" and "Symbiotic Creation". The word "Symbiotic  Creation" is originally a translation of the biology symbiosis, meaning that living things live by exchanging benefits with each other (mutual symbiosis).

In sociology, there is a term ``Symbiotic Society'' in the sense that ``heterogeneous things to help each other and live together.'' In other words, a symbiotic society is to establish new bonding relationships based on the coexistence of various different things.